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Dear Visitor,

It is our pleasure to introduce our company Farolex Shipping & General Trade (FSGT) as a reliable agent in shipping and trade fields in Egypt.


FAROLEX has been established in 1977, since that time our goal is to reach the international standard and providing our clients the best quality of services in the field of overseas maritime operations giving them the top level of services through our usual enthusiasm and doing our business in full zeal to meet their requirements.


FAROLEX branches spread all over the Egyptian ports on Mediterranean Sea, at Alexandria, Damietta and Port Said also on Red Sea at Suez, Safaga and Sharm El-Sheikh. .


Beside FAROLEX SHIPPING activities, we have as well a very long experience and very wide business relations in the field of cement international trade as we were the agent of some Multi International Bulk Handling Companies operating in Egypt through floating cement silos at Alexandria, Damietta, and Suez ports Since 21 years ago which we imported consequently more than 15.000.000 MTs (Fifteen Millions tons).


FAROLEX switched from import to export cement when local production has increased starting from 2002 more than local consumption, we exported so far about 1.300.000 M/Tons.


Beside that we are the sole agent of Bleijenberg B.V. Co. The Netherlands in Egypt, manufacturing all types of grabs which considered one of the worlds major grab builders and manufacturing to any design and weight requirements. 


You may go to more details of our activities:


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3.           Details of our agency for all types of Grabs from Bleijenberg B.V. Co., The Netherlands.

4.           Details of our branches.


Farolex Shipping always works to further your companys best interest.


                                                        Farouk Haridi




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